Hello, I’m Mehmet Altuğ Tunçer, MD. I am a cardiovascular surgeon. In particular, I am an expert in aortic diseases called aortic aneurysm, colloquially known as the enlargement-ballooning of the aortic vessel.

Enlargement-ballooning of the aortic vessel is a disease that does not cause many complaints, grows secretly, and can burst and rupture suddenly. Therefore, to diagnose such diseases, we commonly recommend that the patient be checked in the hospital after the age of 40. Especially because it is genetically inherited, if there is sudden death or aortic vessel disease in the family, other family members should definitely be screened.

What are the complaints due to this disease? Sometimes pain, sometimes shortness of breath may occur. Sometimes there may be complaints of chest pain due to the aortic valve. In many patients, asymptomatic, i.e. without complaints, aortic vascular diseases may be discovered accidentally during another tomography. The worst thing that can happen is the rupture of the aortic vessel, a disease called aortic dissection. In this case, emergency surgery is required. The patient must be brought to the hospital quickly and operated on. Especially when going to experienced centers, the mortality rate is lower and higher when going to inexperienced centers. Therefore, it is necessary to diagnose these diseases before rupture occurs. It is necessary to take control in the hospital by doing check-ups regularly.

Our recommendation is to perform surgery in aortic vessel diseases, aortic vessel enlargement before the rupture occurs.

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