Breast is a very important organ in women. An important indicator of beauty. It’s also a functional organ of course. First, I will outline the augmentation surgery.

According to the needs of the patient, according to the requirement in the chest and breast anatomy, we interview the patient first. We learn the wishes of the patient and present what we can do. We have many different types and sizes of prostheses. We decide on the most suitable of these, but we make the final decision on the operating table with the help of implants that we use for measurement. These are not real prostheses. Auxiliary prostheses that we use during surgery. What I use the most is the sub-muscular plan that we call dual-plan. In this way, the function of the breast is preserved and more natural curves can be obtained. First, we place the dual-plan prosthesis to decide. When we decide on the most suitable option for the patient, we remove the dual-plan prosthesis, open the original prosthesis and replace it. After this surgery, the patient may have pain for 3-5 days. Because we are placing a large volume object and this creates tension. There may be a pain for 1 week. The liquids inside are taken out with small cables called drains. This stays in place for 2-3 days. Afterward, the patient can easily return to her normal life.

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