Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. It also ranks second among cancers that cause death. Therefore, breast cancer is of great importance. Especially in western societies, the incidence of breast cancer among women is high, one in eight women will have breast cancer at some point in their life.

As such, early diagnosis and treatment are of great importance in such a common type of cancer. Why does this cancer occur?  The exact cause is unknown.  But between 5-15%, we know that this is caused by genetic or familial factors. If we pay attention, this means that we do not know the actual reason. Breast cancer has some upside, when diagnosed early, it is possible to maintain a normal life with more limited treatments. Therefore, it is very important to raise awareness here. If we increase awareness on this issue, we can catch breast cancer earlier or detect structures that are likely to turn into breast cancer early, and therefore, it is possible to achieve very good results with more limited treatments. We have a suggestion; From the age of 20, it is important to examine yourself once a month. Even without any complaints, it is very important to be examined by a specialist doctor every 3 years between the ages of 20-40 and once a year from the age of 40. There are screening methods that are very important in diagnosis. When we say screening, we can call it ultrasound in general until the age of 40, in some special cases MRI can also be used. After the age of 40, both examination, mammography, and ultrasound are very valuable in terms of early detection and diagnosis of this disease. In the diagnosis, examining the patient, obtaining some results with screening, and if we see a suspicious structure, at the third stage biopsy from the area is very valuable. Whereas biopsy used to cut out that area from the breast, now it is a thin or thick needle that is less invasive, which doesn’t exhaust patients.

In some special cases, there may not be a mass in the breast, some suspicious structures or calcification may be apparent. The radiologist marks it with a special wire and we remove that area to make the diagnosis. In addition to wire marking, it is possible to reveal the region of interest by different methods such as marking with paint or radioactive material. Of course, when evaluating breast cancer, we need to evaluate not only the breast but also the armpit, because breast cancer generally spreads via lymph. And the most common place it spreads 75-80% is the armpit area. In this respect, it is very valuable to examine that area, whether during examination or screening and to reveal whether there is a disease there, by taking a biopsy if necessary.

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