Hello, I’m Ahmet Altun, MD. Today I want to talk to you about what cataracts are and what we do in treatment.

Cataract is the matting of the lens inside the eye, which should be transparent. Patients with cataracts may experience impairment in distance and near vision. For this reason, the patient’s glasses number may change more frequently. Cataracts can develop at a much younger age in diabetic and blood pressure patients. There is no drug treatment for cataracts. Surgery is all that needs to be done for treatment. With surgery, we replace the matte lens inside the eye with a transparent one. It usually ends with a 20-minute operation, but the procedure takes about 5 minutes. 15 minutes pass with the preparation process.

When we do cataract surgery, we remove the matte lens inside the eye and replace it with a transparent lens. Depending on the characteristics of the lens attached, the benefits for the patient are different. Normal, single focal lenses only sharpen the long distance vision. However, when the lenses known as “smart lenses” which we call trifocal, are attached, the patient can see both far distance and near distance clearly. They can even see the intermediate distances clearly. There is also a chance to get rid of near-vision glasses. Trifocal lenses also have filters. These are protective against the sun’s harmful rays.

Cataract surgery is important not only to increase the person’s vision, but also for your ophthalmologist to better follow the problems that may occur in the future behind the eye. Because cataracts not only prevent you from seeing, but also prevent your doctor from seeing inside your eye. It is important to perform cataract surgery without delay. Because in a delayed surgery, the density of the lens increases, the surgery becomes difficult and the possibility of complications increases.

Therefore, it is beneficial to perform this surgery in high technology clinics without delay.

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