Cleft lip & palate is a rare condition that is more common in regions with low socioeconomic level.

Cleft lip & palate is one of the most common congenital malformations. It is thought to occur mainly due to folic acid deficiency. Lip surgeries are planned in the third month months after the child is born, and palate surgeries are planned in the ninth month after the child is born. Folic acid supplementation during pregnancy has been shown to reduce the risk but its etiology is still unknown. Our main goal here is to both physically correct the child and make him-her feedable. This condition causes functional problems as well as aesthetics. Especially in cleft palate, voice therapy is necessary to improve the voice. Preparation is made using various plates, by getting recommendations from a dentist. Voice therapy should definitely accompany the treatment so that the patient does not have problems due to hypernasal speech afterward.

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