If you want to perform a treatment that is very specific for cancer and if you want to protect the health tissues, you have to perform treatment in a machine which has Cone Beam CT or Cone Beam Tomography.

This is a kind of tomography that is in Elekta Versa HD. With this machine, it’s possible to control the tumor and healthy tissues every day. Because normally organs move with the tumor. For example the rectum, the bladder, the intestines and the tumor are in different positions every day. There must be controls with Cone Beam CT every day. It’s necessary to see the bladder, the rectum and the tumor. But if you perform the treatment with a machine without Cone Beam CT, you can’t see the tumor in its current position and the position of the healthy tissue. For example, here, you see a patient with lung cancer. To perform the stereotactic radiotherapy treatment for the lung, you have to use a machine that shows the tumor in 4 dimensions. You see that during breathing the tumor moves like this. If you see the tumor moving during treatment, you are always in an area that is well protected. Because you irradiate the tumor without touching the lung. So, after treatment patients have problems at the minimum. As you can see the tumor is moving during treatment.

If you have a linear accelerator that has the ability to see the tumor in four dimensions, you can perform a very targeted treatment. You give a big dose here but you don’t touch the lung. With this method here, one can perform a treatment without needing to perform surgery, only in 3 days or 5 days, sometimes 8 days. And without any side effects.

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