Not all people who have end-stage kidney failure are suitable for transplantation.

For some people dialysis would be a better option.  For example, for patients with severe vascular disease, severe heart diseases and severe lung disease. Other conditions that might prevent a person from undergoing kidney transplant are active or recently treated cancer, chronic illness that could lead to death within a few years, dementia, morbid obesity, current drug current drug or alcohol abuse, inability to remember to take medications, history of poor compliance with medications or dialysis treatments. Some people who have HIV or Hepatitis B and C infections may have transplant if their diseases are well controlled.

There are also some absolute contraindications for kidney donation. Evidence of renal disease, significant renal or urologic abnormalities, transmissible infections like HIV, Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B, current pregnancy, cognitive diseases, psychiatric illnesses and active malignancy.

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♦ In Turkey, kidney transplantation is offered for chronic kidney failure

The commercial trade in human organs is prohibited by law in Turkey