Hello, I’m Ahmet Altun, MD. Today I want to talk to you about corneal transplantation, or keratoplasty.

What is a cornea transplant?

There is a layer in front of our eyes, like a watch glass. We call it the cornea. It is one of the rare structures in our eyes, but also in our bodies, without a vascular structure. Since it does not have vascular structures, when we change this layer and transplant, the risk of rejection is very low compared to other organ transplants. Another important condition determining the success of corneal transplantation is that the cornea which inserted must be healthy. The cornea, which is taken from a young person and does not have any problems, is likely to be successful in the patient undergoing the transplant after it is attached. For this, we look at the number of endothelial cells in the tissue that we received before transplantation.  And when we see that there is enough, we carry out the transplantation. In the past, the cornea was completely excised and replaced with a donor cornea. However, with today’s different surgical techniques, much more successful results can be obtained and comfort can be provided by simply changing the layer in which the patient has a problem.

How long does the surgery take?

In experienced hands, the entire cornea transplant takes thirty minutes. Techniques are important in surgery because it is necessary not only to place the tissue, but to place it in a suitable position, without tension, in a central location.

So, what is a cornea transplant done for?

Sometimes patients may have different problems related to this glass layer. Some of these may be genetic or some may develop later: After trauma or with various diseases, stains may occur in this layer. And sometimes these stains cannot be treated with medication. In these patients, if the stain is just on the surface, we can treat it with laser shaving technique. But sometimes the stain becomes so deep and so central that it seriously impairs the patient’s vision.  Therefore, these patients need keratoplasty, corneal transplantation.

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