Hello, I’m doctor Tolga Pekperdahçı. I am a dental prosthesis specialist. I’ve been doing this for about 20 years. For the last 15 years, I have been working especially on prostheses.

So, what is a dental prosthesis?

We can classify them as veneers, implants, over-implant prostheses, removable prostheses, and laminates made to replace missing teeth. I continue to improve myself on implant treatment. 16 years ago, I made my own father’s implants. Unfortunately, with the technology available at that time, my father had to go around without teeth for about 6-8 months. But nowadays, we can do the treatments using what we call immediate loading, or all-on-4 implants.

What are the details of this?

In particular, in patients who are completely edentulous or will lose all their teeth, if the patient has teeth, they are extracted, if not, 4-8 implants are made in the missing teeth areas. On the same day, by placing a temporary prosthesis provided this temporary prosthesis will become fixed, it can be ensured that the patient does not become toothless during the healing duration. This means that the function, as well as, aesthetics and speech will be preserved. We have been using this treatment safely for about 10 years. Success rates are very high. Implant loss rates are below one percent. Therefore, it is a very successful treatment method.

How is it made?

We do either local anesthesia or, if the patient wishes, an anesthetizing procedure called sedation, which is given by an anesthesiologist through IV. This is not a general anesthetic. This is a method of allayment we call sedation. It is a method done without causing the patient to lose consciousness. With this method, we can make implants of the upper jaw, lower jaw, or both jaws in the same day. The procedure ends with the making of temporary prostheses within 2-3 hours. With these temporary prostheses, the patient can eat all kinds of food, talk, laugh, and above all, live with teeth for 3 months. A good thing about this is that; When we make teeth for patients who have been toothless for a long time, our biggest problem is the reproaches like: “these teeth are too big”, “too small”, “they are too far forward or behind”. We can prevent this. Because with a 3-month temporary prosthesis, it is possible to fix the tooth if it’s too far forward or too far behind too small or too large. Thus, we can find the ideal positions of the teeth. And at the end of 3 months, permanent prostheses are made. It is a great advantage that the prostheses are screw-attached prostheses.

Why is that?

The biggest advantage of screwed prostheses over bonded prostheses is that these screws are removable and replaceable for all kinds of treatment in case of the slightest problem. Therefore, it is a much more civilized type of prosthesis.

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