Hello, I’m dentist Özgür Yıldız. I would like to describe the digital workflow in frontal aesthetic procedures.

When the patient comes to me, Firstly, I ask for their photos and information. Then I listen to the patient’s wishes and ideas. Accordingly, I look at what I can do, within the limits of aesthetic rules. Firstly, we take an x-ray of the patient, called a panoramic x-ray. If necessary, we get CT scans. Next, we obtain a 3D model of the mouth with intraoral cameras and scanners. On this model, we make a design with dental cad software and design a model that will help us to enlarge, reduce, expand, or shape the gums in the dimensions desired by our patient. We physically obtain the model we designed with 3D printers.  Then, we transfer this model to the mouth of our patient with various methods. Our patient sees how the teeth we designed will look in the mouth, what he/she will see when smiling, before starting any procedure. If the patient likes our design, we start the process. With the help of this design, we arrange the teeth, sometimes, without any reduction, sometimes by making very minimal reductions. We send the 3D scans we take to our laboratory, together with analog measurements if necessary. Re-evaluation and design are carried out in our laboratory. The design is obtained from blocks with CNC machines, which we call a three-dimensional scraper. After laboratory processing, the materials we obtain are applied to the patient’s mouth. In our clinic, we can apply all of these processes to our patients within 1 or a maximum of 2 days.

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