There are different types of ear aesthetics. Ears can be made from ribs or their own tissue for people who have no ears. Or, for those who have large ears and forward bent ears called prominent ear, back reclining, ear reduction, or reshaping operations can be performed.

It is recommended that these surgeries should be performed on children, usually before school age. Because children are brutal and surgery is recommended before school starts. These surgeries are effective in the sociocultural development of the child. Reduction operations are performed under general anesthesia for approximately 2 hours, and re-repairs are performed in 1-2 sessions as 3–4-hour surgeries. Prominent ear surgeries are performed under general or local anesthesia within 1-2 hours. Although the healing process seems to be completed in the first week, the use of a bandana is important in terms of preserving the given shape. It is recommended to use a bandana for 4-5 weeks.

Most of the ear surgeries are plastic surgeries. A functional change is not expected. If there is a problem in the transmission paths, an extra procedure can be planned with an ear, nose, and throat doctor.

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