Hello. My name is Elena. I am from Kyrgyzstan.

My kidneys are not functioning for 2 years, so I am having dialysis. My life was hard because I was feeling bad after having each dialysis. I had limitations.

That’s why I have decided to have transplant surgery. I had options of two countries and three clinics, but I have a good friend who suggested me this clinic. So, I came here to this clinic, and to Dr. Volkan.

Of course, when I came here, I was really excited and worried, since it is a complex operation. We have talked with Dr. Volkan several times and thanks to that I had confidence. The doctor is unbelievably kind and energetic. When talking I understood that he is a professional in his field. I was feeling totally calm when going to the operation, and knew that everything would be great. As I opened my eyes after the operation, I was sure that everything in my life would get better.

The operation was good. I was in the intensive care until the next day. Dr. Volkan came immediately to tell me that the kidney is working as supposed and the test results are alright.

And my life, my life has divided as “before” and “after”. I am thinking that, now I am going to have another life. Dialysis won’t be necessary. There won’t be any limitations in my life. So, I can go back to a normal life. The normal life I call is the ordinary life of a healthy person. But for me, now there is a chance to live like everyone else. I am really thankful for Dr. Volkan.

I want to say something about the period after operation. Today is my 14th day after the operation and I look alright, I feel alright. All through these 14 days I never had a single pain. There is a slight discomfort but after a serious operation as this, it is normal. But there is no pain. So, I can that the doctor is a real professional, has golden hands. I bow respectfully before him.

Dr. Volkan Turunç speaks:

When Elena applied to us for a kidney transplant, we first learned about her disease that led to kidney failure. She had an illness during pregnancy that caused her to have some surgeries and stay in the intensive care unit for a very long time. In patients with such a history, rare syndromes that may adversely affect the success of kidney transplantation come to mind. Initially, we talked to her about the possibility that there might be a syndrome that could prevent a kidney transplant. We did a test for this. We did not encounter any of the syndromes we feared. She applied to us with her cousin for the donor candidate. After completing the examinations, we performed the transplant surgery. The transplant surgery and the next process went perfectly. We experienced no complications, no unexpected events. As we did the kidney transplant, the new kidney began to function in Elena’s body. And Elena never needed dialysis after the surgery. Post-transplant recovery was fast. We follow our patients in the intensive care unit on the first day. When we took her to the service the next day, she started to move freely and walk around the corridors as if she hadn’t had surgery. The surgery process and afterward went smoothly as we expected. Recipient patients should go to frequent check-ups during the post-transplant period, that is, in the first months. Because they need to use some special drugs, drugs that suppress the immune system. These are drugs that we give to every patient to prevent organ rejection and that some patients have to use for life.

Therefore, we need to follow up with the patients frequently in the first months. Elena is doing her checkups right now. There is no problem, everything continues as expected. She is also a very positive patient. Sure, she had fears when she got here. In fact, in our first meeting, we told her that she might have a syndrome that could prevent her from getting a transplant, but after realizing that this was not the case, she was very happy that the transplant was successful. And she constantly reflects this positive energy on us. The donor was discharged after 2-3 days of surgery without any problems. Usually, kidney donors are discharged 2 days after surgery. After making his checks, we sent him to his country. Elena will be our guest here for a while. Generally, we want patients from foreign countries to stay in our country for 1 month. Because no matter what, it is a serious surgery and some complications can occur in the first month. That’s why we want to keep our patients under close follow-up. After a month, Elena will return to her country. We do not leave our foreign patients alone in the next process. They always send us their examinations by writing to us on social media or by e-mail, or they can reach us directly when they have any complaints and our relationship continues.

Elena speaks:

I also wanted to say thank you very much to all the people involved in my recovery, starting from the medical staff, ending with all the doctors, all coordinators. Thank you all very much to my loved ones, and everyone else for giving me a new life. And thank you very much Dr. Volkan.