I am Ali Ertan Capar, MD. I am a plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgery specialist. I want to talk about endoscopic face lift surgeries.

Endoscopic mid-facelift surgeries are especially preferred for the middle-aged patient group. Due to the long-term effect of the sun and gravity, our facial tissues move downward against our will. These are our signs of aging. Especially for patients with less thin skin wrinkles but a downward mid-face area, the surgeries in which we adapt the deep tissue back to the old area by entering through the lines under the eyelashes and in the eyebrows are called an endoscopic facelift. We usually perform mid-facelift surgeries by combining them with surgeries such as upper eyelid aesthetics, facial fat injection, and eyebrow lift. Unlike a conventional facelift, there are no surgical scars in front of the ear. The lower area is moved upwards by entering with a thin incision from the lower eyelash area. Lower eyelid aesthetics are also provided by removing the excess in the lower eyelid. Along with fillers, it is a surgery that makes the face look like 5-10 years younger. The procedure takes about 5-6 hours. Generally, a 1- or 2-night stay at the hospital is planned according to the situation. Recovery takes its final form in all soft tissues within 3 months. If there is no wound healing problem, we will achieve our final result after about 3 months.

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