Varicose veins treatment can be performed without surgery since 2014. Thanks to two medical devices, VenaSeal and ClariVein, developed in the United States and approved by the FDA, we can perform varicose veins treatments without anesthesia and incision.

Let’s briefly talk about these methods:

With the medical device called VenaSeal, we can now treat varicose veins that is, enlarged and tortuous veins, by gluing them with the help of a special gun and a special adhesive, without the need for any kind of surgery.

Our second method in non-surgical treatments is a mechanical chemical sealing method called mechanical obstruction chemically assisted (MOCA). We do this with the FDA-approved and USA-origin device called ClariVein. It has a special medicine and a spinning propeller at the tip. When we press the trigger, we close the varicose vein with a chemical method from the inside.

Currently, two FDA-approved non-surgical treatment methods are used around the world. Sealing method and mechanical chemical endovenous ablation method. Thanks to these two methods, we can now treat varicose veins without surgery.

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