I’m Özgür Gürsu, MD. I am a cardiovascular surgery specialist. I’ll talk about the surgical treatment of varicose veins.

We can define the methods we call surgical varicose veins treatment as methods that require an anesthesiologist, an operating room, and surgical procedure. If an operation requires an operating room, requires anesthesia, or if surgical procedures are involved, these are called surgical treatment methods. Until the 2000s, varicose veins surgeries with skin incisions were performed. Since the 2000s, these treatments can be performed in the operating room environment with catheters and two basic methods called laser and radiofrequency.

Since the 2000s, thanks to endovenous laser and endovenous radiofrequency methods, entire surgical varicose veins treatments can now be performed without the need for surgery. However, both of these methods should be done in the operating room environment and the anesthesiologist should be involved in the procedure.

The first of these methods is the endovenous laser method. Under anesthesia, we close the dilated and tortuous varicose veins by burning. The procedure is performed in the operating room and since it requires anesthesia, we consider this as a surgical varicose treatment method.

The second method in the surgical treatment of varicose veins is the endovenous radiofrequency ablation method. With radiofrequency energy, we burn off the vein along this seven-centimeter section, so this seven-centimeter section is closed. Then we close the next seven-centimeter section and just like that the varicose vein is completely closed. Since anesthesia and an operating room are required, we also accept this procedure as a surgical varicose veins’ treatment method.

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