Hello, I’m Kemal Aytuğlu, MD. Our topic today is blepharoplasty, that is, eyelid surgery.

Eyelid problems could be grouped as upper and lower. It may occur due to excess skin on the upper lid or excessive size of the fat pad. In the lower eyelid, it may occur as bagging due to excess skin and excessive growth of the fat pad. Due to the fatty tissue or excess skin problem in the upper eyelid, a pressure that occurs on the eyelid may cause early sleepiness and heaviness while reading a book or watching television, which may compel you to finish your activity earlier than you’ve planned. The same problem causes a tired expression on the lower eyelid. The size of the excess skin should be removed accordingly to eyelid size because if it is removed more than necessary, there may be trouble with the closure of the eye. It is necessary to remove the fat pad at the right size because if it is removed too little, the swelling in the fat pad will show itself again. If it is removed more than necessary, a collapse will occur. Therefore, removing the right size is one of the most important aspects of eyelid surgeries.

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