Hello, I’m Ahmet Altun, MD. Today I want to give you information about glaucoma, that is ocular hypertension.

Glaucoma is popularly known as ocular Hypertension. Pressure in the eye may increase in patients for various reasons. Our eye has a pressure just like a ball. This pressure should be in the range of 10-20 millimeters of mercury. Values exceeding 21 are not normal. In such a situation, when the pressure inside the eye increases, excessive pressure creates pressure on the optic nerve. Consequently, damage to the optic nerve and after a while, loss of vision may occur in the patient. Unfortunately, glaucoma is an insidious disease because the pressure increases in the eye does not cause any eye pain in the patient. And, because of the loss of vision in the patient progresses from the periphery to the center, and central vision is preserved until the end, unfortunately, patients may not realize that they have glaucoma until the last stage. Regular follow-up is what needs to be done for this because it is not possible to feel high eye pressure. You must have periodic eye examinations. Our primary treatment option for glaucoma is to use drops that reduce the eye pressure.  In some patients, we can give one drop, if not enough, two drops, in some patients up to three drops. However, surgical application comes into question in cases of intraocular pressure that does not respond to all three drops.

What do we do in surgery?

The aim is to ensure that the fluid circulating in the eye flows out of the eye preventing it from accumulating in the eye and increasing intraocular pressure. For this, valves with different techniques and express shunts are produced. Glaucoma surgeries take about 20-30 minutes. It is performed under local anesthesia, there is no need to put the patient to sleep. Glaucoma is an insidious disease. It is difficult to notice. Therefore, it is definitely useful to go for regular follow-ups.

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