Hello, I’m Mehmet Altuğ Tunçer, MD. I am a cardiovascular surgeon. Valvular diseases, calcification of the valves in the heart, or blood leakage of the valve cause complaints such as shortness of breath and chest pain in patients. Patients with such complaints should immediately come to a cardiologist or cardiovascular surgeon and have their cardiac examinations.

Because stenosis or insufficiency diseases in the valves in the heart disrupt the heart and cause it to grow. Today, it is quite possible to treat these diseases by early diagnosis. In today’s world, the treatment of valve diseases has become very easy. The number of experienced centers is increasing and the number of experienced surgeons is increasing. For this reason, it is unnecessary for people to be afraid. After the age of 40, every patient and every person must undergo a cardiac check-up examination. What can be done for valvular diseases? The valves can be replaced or repaired. Valves can be made from the patient’s own pericardium, valves can be made from the animal pericardium or with mechanical valves, the treatment of valvular diseases is performed by valve replacement.

Today, the operation-death rates of these diseases are 1-2% for all centers. Just like in our treatment center.

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