My name is İrşadi İstemi Yücel. I am a medical doctor and professor of orthopedics and traumatology.

I will talk about total hip replacement. Total hip replacement is a surgical procedure that is performed when the cartilage that cushions the bones of the hip softens and wears away due to osteitis. The bones lap against one and another causing hip pain and stiffness. You may even begin to feel pain while you are sitting or lying down. When you are unable to walk freely or perform your daily activities and if nonsurgical treatments like medications physical therapy and using walking supports are no longer helpful, you may want to consider total hip replacement surgery. Joint replacement surgery is a safe and effective procedure to relieve pain, correct leg deformity and help you resume normal activities. Total hip replacement surgeries are one of the most successful procedures in medicine. The surgery involves resurfacing the hip joint with an artificial joint called prosthesis which is made of metals, ceramic and polyethylene. This artificial joint that is prosthesis helps reduce pain and improve function.

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