Kidney donors must have compatible blood type with their recipients.

Being RH positive or negative is not an important factor here, only the blood type must be compatible. Donors with blood type A may be donors to blood type A and AB recipients. Blood type B donors may donate their kidneys to blood type B or blood type AB recipients. Donors with blood type 0 can donate to recipients with all blood types because blood type 0 is the universal donor. Donors with blood type AB may be a donor to only recipients with blood type AB.

Sometimes a patient who need a kidney transplant have a suitable donor but there may be blood type incompatibility between the recipient and donors. This doesn’t limit the chance of kidney transplantation for this pair. When this happens, we arrange a kidney paired exchange program involving these two living donors and recipients.

In paired exchange, recipient from a pair has blood type compatibility with the donor of the other pair. The first pair’s donor has blood type compatibility with the second pair’s recipient. We arrange for a swap in which the donors of each pair donate their kidney to the recipient of the other pair. And these operations take place in the same operating room, at the same time.

In kidney paired exchange transplantation, both recipients and donors are evaluated carefully, to be sure that they don’t have any medical conditions that make contraindications for transplantation.

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♦ In Turkey, kidney transplantation is offered for chronic kidney failure

The commercial trade in human organs is prohibited by law in Turkey