Dialysis and kidney transplantation are treatment options in end-stage renal failure.

When the kidneys are no longer working, the waste products, electrolytes and fluid begin to build up in the body. Dialysis takes a portion of the kidney function while kidney transplantation can completely take the kidney function. Because of that kidney transplantation is the first treatment of choice in the end-stage kidney failure. Dialysis should begin for patients who are not eligible for transplantation or who do not have a donor candidate.

Kidney transplantation has many advantages over dialysis. First of all, survival rates are higher in kidney transplantation. For example, 1-year survival rate after kidney transplantation is 99% while one-year survival rate in dialysis is 90%. 10-year survival rate in kidney transplantation is over 80% while it is only 10% in dialysis. In addition, people who undergo kidney transplantation will have spare time to do their hobbies and go to work because they will no longer need dialysis anymore.

Ideally, patients with end-stage renal failure should undergo kidney transplantation as soon as possible. if it’s possible they must undergo kidney transplantation before ever starting on dialysis.

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♦ In Turkey, kidney transplantation is offered for chronic kidney failure

The commercial trade in human organs is prohibited by law in Turkey