Hello, I’m Hakan Cıncık, MD. I am an ear, nose, throat, head and neck surgery specialist.

I want to talk about the symptoms of larynx cancer. The most common symptom of larynx cancer is hoarseness. In addition, pain in the throat, burning, stinging, difficulty in swallowing, and in advanced stage layrnx cancer, symptoms such as breathing difficulty, inability to eat, and an advanced hoarseness may occur. Patients who come to us usually come with the complaint of hoarseness. A mass may appear on the neck. Sometimes, depending on the location of the cancer, there are patients come with a mass in the neck, that is, with metastasis, without any other symptoms. When patients arrive for the first time, methods such as indirect laryngoscopy, direct laryngoscopy, endoscopic laryngoscopy are used for the diagnosis. With the help of cameras, the larynx and vocal cords are examined. The region that lowers the voice is detected.

When a suspicious lesion is seen, this lesion must be removed and sent to pathology. For this purpose, we do a biopsy for the patient. In the operating room under general anesthesia. When performing a biopsy, there is no need for an external incision. It is not a difficult procedure. After the patient is put to sleep, small biopsies are taken from the suspicious areas with the help of a microscope through the mouth. As a result of these biopsies and the examination of the pathologist, if a laryngeal cancer is diagnosed, it is necessary to plan the treatment and understand the spread of the disease. The most common type is epidermoid cancer with 90 percent prevalence. Epidermoid cancer is the cancer of the epithelium that covers our larynx. After the diagnosis of laryngeal cancer, patients should be studied further.

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