Hello, I’m Hakan Cıncık, MD. I am an ear, nose, throat, head and neck surgery specialist.

Today I want to tell you about treatment planning for laryngeal cancer. Firstly, if biopsy for the patient has been done and diagnosis with laryngeal cancer was done, we need to know the spread of the disease. For this, neck MRI and whole-body PET CT are performed first. The spread of the disease is determined with the whole-body PET CT examination. With a neck MRI, it is understood in which parts of the larynx the disease has spread and its size. It is decided what kind of treatment plan will be made. From time to time, tomography can also be useful. Because the roof that forms the outside of our larynx consists of cartilages. Tomography is one of the methods that show cartilage best. After the diagnosis of the disease and determination of its spread, the treatment phase starts. How much of the larynx remains intact is very important in treatment? In patients who come to us within the first few months, when the cancer is of small size, the entire treatment can be performed from within the mouth, without making an external incision, and without removing a large larynx fragment. In such patients, surgery is performed under general anesthesia using micro laryngoscopy technique. By entering through the mouth, while the patient is sleeping, the cancerous parts of the throat are removed and other areas are protected. And the voice and swallowing function of these patients are maintained.

However, in intermediate and advanced stage cancers, this procedure may no longer work. For this, larger surgical resections are required. Sometimes spread in lymph nodes in the neck are treated. If the disease is very advanced, for example in the fourth stage, if there are distant metastases or suspicious areas such as lung, bone, brain, it is possible to improve patient’s health with radiotherapy and chemotherapy after surgical treatment.

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