Hello, I’m Ahmet Altun, MD. Today, I want to give you information about excimer laser, the latest technology subtype, LASIK.

This surgery is usually done to save patients from glasses. What we do here is intervene in the patient’s front glass layer of the eye, the Cornea. What we are doing here is to change the structure of the glass layer according to the patient’s refractive error, and to provide the patient with a clear view. What is done in Lasik is to lift a thin flap and apply a laser to the existing corneal tissue. Of course, different techniques can be used while lifting this flap. Thin blades called microkeratome can be used, but also laser blades can be applied via IntraLase. Here, IntraLase has an advantage over microblade because the laser blade provides a perfectly smooth and clear cut. And the results are much more successful. Therefore, where you want to have this operation, it is very useful to ask the type of blade to be used. After this procedure is applied, the eyes of the patient are kept closed for one day and opened the next day. And the results are noticed by the patient even the next day. Depending on the patient, whether there is a feeling of pain or not is variable. If the laser blade was used, if the process was done using a flap, it is unlikely to feel pain. Here, besides the experience of the doctor, the quality and currency of the device used during the procedure are very important.

Therefore, my advice is to make sure that the machine has an up-to-date, new, technologically sound laser blade if you are going to have excimer LASIK surgery. Well, can Lasik be applied to everyone? Unfortunately, not. Because we make the cornea thinner while doing this. This thinning may bring some troubles, because in the thinness’s that fall below a certain level, problems called ectasia may occur. Therefore, when you have such a request, the ophthalmologist will check the thickness of your Cornea, as well as, its topography. This procedure should not be applied to patients whose cornea is below a certain thinness. In order not to face any other troubles in the future.

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