Hello, I’m Kemal Aytuğlu, MD. Our topic today is liposuction, fat removal.

It is the process of removing excess fat from our bodies under negative pressure. For fat removal, first of all, determining which areas have more fat in body ratio is a priority. After determining the areas with excess body ratio, the best method to improve body index is decided by whether it is the method called wet liposuction or laser liposuction, which is decided by looking at the elasticity of the skin. It is necessary not to take too much fat in a way that maintains the body’s own ratio. Because, when excess fat is taken, there will be a loss of blood-electrolyte along with fat, and a decrease in blood values may occur. This may cause problems in the blood pressure and the recovery of the patient after the procedure.

It is necessary to apply a fat removal process that does not cause damage to the body index ratio so that there is no problem in the recovery or the aftermath. After taking the fat in the most accurate way, after giving the serum with ultrasonic sound waves, the excess fat tissue inside is melted. Fats melted by ultrasonic sound waves are removed. At the same time, as the skin becomes thinner, it increases the tightening capacity of the skin, which is called contraction. Thus, the skin can tighten more without any undulation. And this provides a great advantage in getting the body line we want. After we achieve the results we want, if there is a missing part in the body, for example, if there is a weakness in the breast tissue or butt, it’s possible to keep the fat we take in a sterile container to supplement the missing areas and to eliminate the deficiencies with the body’s own natural fat. If the patient has enough time, after a sufficient amount of adipose tissue is removed, it is possible to accelerate the removal of the excess dissolving adipose tissue by inserting a drain and to achieve faster healing. If the duration of the patient’s stay here is sufficient, it is possible to control the drains sufficiently and send them home in a healthier way after all the edema is over. But if the patient’s stay here is limited, then we need to keep the drain at the maximum amount that the body can take out while the drain will remain. If there are patients who can remove the drains in their own countries, we can help them return to their countries with their drains. If there is no possibility to take it out, we take out the drains here and send them home. But in the follow-up, the edema fluid that will accumulate must be removed somehow. Therefore, it is necessary to organize the treatment accordingly so that in the aftermath, we can contribute to the patient’s recovery process without experiencing any difficulties or edema.

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