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For its affordable healthcare and high-quality services, nearly one million patients from around the world come for medical tourism in Istanbul every year.

At Istanbul Med Assist, we are committed to ensuring distance and language are not obstacles to receiving first-class care and to helping you find the appropriate department and specialists for you. We are here to meet your unique healthcare needs in a way that is convenient, affordable, and comfortable for you. To do so, Istanbul Med Assist provides a single point of access to services and coordination for all referrals. Our team of highly specialized healthcare professionals helps you access these services and ensure your utmost comfort during your healthcare tourism in Istanbul.

We understand that seeking healthcare outside one’s home country is very stressful. Don’t worry — you will be paired with a personal guide who is a native speaker of your own language. Your personal guide will assist you from our first contact with you during your medical experience in Istanbul. We will manage your entire journey so you feel comfortable and secure. This includes scheduling airport assistance and making sure that your lodging is restful and affordable.

Istanbul Med Assist works with a wide range of partners, including prestigious hospitals and clinics, to assure that you receive the best medical care possible.

In Istanbul Med Assist your comfort during or after all kinds of procedures is our priority. Whether you are looking for more information, an initial evaluation, or a second opinion, do not hesitate to contact us via Whatsapp on +90 530 884 47 22 and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

Istanbul in 4 Mins

Istanbul is a wonder of ancient history. For 16 centuries, it was a commercial and cultural capital of Romans, Greeks and Ottomans with her spectacular bosphorus which connected Asia and Europe.

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Riza Durdu CEO & Co-founder

Rıza Durdu

CEO & Co-founder

Taner Yavuz, MD Medical Director & Co-founder

Taner Yavuz, MD

Medical Director & Co-founder

Taner Özcan, MD Medical Advisor

Taner Özcan, MD

Medical Advisor

Ebru Gonca Eşrefoğlu

Ebru Gonca Eşrefoğlu

IPC General Manager

Eren Çam

Media Director

Istanbul is a hub of private hospitals that provide the best treatments you can find. This city has become one of the most important centers of health tourism in the world.

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“Istanbul is transformed to become a global center for medical tourism” 


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