Okan University Hospital, which is an easily accessible health center, closely follows the developing technology in accordance with its corporate culture and provides services with the aim of making patient satisfaction and service quality sustainable with its patient-oriented approach. Scientific research and development studies are also carried out in Istanbul Okan University in order to develop advanced diagnosis and treatment methods related to medical education and the health of the society.


Medicadent has gained the identity of an international training clinic with Batı Ataşehir Clinic as of 2014. As the knowledge and trainings improve, the depth of treatment increases in each branch. In this context, since 1994, it has been working with the logic of multidisciplinary, that is, specialization in the main branches of dentistry. The Medicadent family is aware that professional knowledge and love for the profession grow and gain meaning as they share.


Medistate, with its holistic quality and service understanding, without compromising ethical principles; It has set out with the mission of contributing to the development of medicine by providing up-to-date preventive and curative health services with specialists, leading physicians and healthcare professionals.

Medistate Kavacık Hospital, which constantly raises the bar in the sector with its professional approach in health and advanced technology, brings health to two continents with the quality health services it offers to those living in both European and Anatolian sides.


In Okan University Hospital, treatment services in all branches of dentistry are provided in Tuzla Dental Hospital with the cooperation of its strong academic staff. Each unit has academic staff competent in its field, renowned in national and international platforms, and knowledgeable about current and technological treatment methods; It not only informs our patients about oral and dental health and care, but also offers each patient a unique treatment planning.

Okan University Dental Hospital; in terms of modern dental units, dental microscope unit, intraoral and extraoral radiological imaging devices, dental computed tomography device (CBCT), computer-aided design and production CAD-CAM device, PRF device, laser devices and dentistry devices and instruments specific to each branch It has superior technological equipment.


At hospitals of Medicana Health Group; Healthcare sevices, which are fully compatible with the Service Quality Standards of the Ministry of Health and accreditation standards of the Joint Commission International (JCI), are provided in the equal quality with the world’s leading institutions, through it’s principle based on patient safety and efficient and quality patient care and treatment.

Medicana Health Group, which aims to provide healthcare sevices to every segment of society at international standards, increases the patient satisfaction with its transparent, reliable and compassionate approach fort he patients, and thus, the Group has been regarded as one of the most valuable brands in ouu country and has received the title of health institution mostly prefered by the patients, through its quality in healtcare services.


Memorial is the home of trust in healthcare with its expert physicians and healthcare staff, patient oriented service approach, quality policy,  state of the art diagnosis and treatment equipment, and comfortable facilities.

Pioneering the improvement of healthcare services standarts with many first practices in Turkey, Memorial also represents Turkish Healthcare Sector abroad with its international diagnostic and treatment centers. Internationally known departments such as In Vitro Fertilization, Cardiovascular Surgery, Transplantation, Robotic Surgery, Oncology and Genetics make Memorial a reference center in its region. Admitting patients from over 90 countries throughout the World annually, Memorial is a world-class hospital that bring comfort of being  treated in a safe environment to more and more patients each year.