Hello, my name is Sarah. I’m from New York and I’m here at the Istanbul Med Assist.

I’m here to talk about the great service that I have received since being here. It’s a clean clinic with an amazing staff frankly. My procedure was basically dentistry. I came for a root canal, to fix my gummy smile and space between my teeth. And so far, I am fully satisfied. So, about Istanbul, is such an amazing city. Friendly people, amazing, hospitable people. This city is beautiful, the architecture, the landscaping is breath taking. The food is out of this world as well at affordable prices. I mean mind blowing prices. The meal, basically it’s the chicken wings, the fries and a soda and she’s like “24 TL”. And I’m like “No, I want the meal.” She said “Yeah, that’s the meal”. I thought it was just the drink. You know… And she gives me the full meal which is like 3 dollars. In New York, the drink cost 3 dollars. The meal that I ordered, with 5 wings and fries and a drink would cost you 13 dollars. Which is about 120 TL.

So… Istanbul makes you smile.