Sleep Apnea Test

A sleep apnea test or sleep study is a multiple-component test that electronically records physical activities during sleep. After recording, a sleep specialist analyzes the results to determine if you have sleep apnea or another sleep disorder.

If the result is sleep apnea, you’ll need more sleep testing to determine the best treatment option.

For a sleep apnea test, a sleep specialist places electrodes on your face and scalp to get electrical recordings from your brain. These electrodes send electrical signals to the device for measuring. Also, this device records your muscle activity. While the belts around your chest and abdomen record your breathing, a probe on your finger measures the blood oxygen level.

After the sleep apnea test, your specialist removes the electrodes in the morning. It takes a certain amount of time to review the test data. Once your doctor examines the findings, you’ll understand the nature of your sleep disorder.

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