I’m Tayfun Hancilar, MD. I’m a radiotherapist. I have been working for 32 years and i worked 2 years in Paris in 92 and 94 with Professor Schlienger and Professor Laugier. I worked mainly on stereotactic radiotherapy. I returned to Turkey in 94 and since then I performed a lot of treatment on stereotactic radiotherapy.

Stereotactic radiotherapy or stereotactic radiosurgery. This is a treatment that targets the tumor thoroughly and preserves healthy tissues much more than traditional radiotherapy. For stereotactic radiotherapy we can use different machines. For example, firstly there is Gamma Knife and there is also Cyberknife. Mostly, we were using linear accelerators. For stereotactic procedure, I prefer to perform the treatment with Elekta Versa HD. Because it is the machine that makes procedure much faster than other machines. For example, the Gamma Knife, it takes about an hour to perform a treatment for brain metastases. One can perform the same treatment with Elekta Versa HD in 10 minutes.

What is the difference between stereotactic radiotherapy and conventional radiotherapy?

We can perform the treatment in 1 day or in 5 days. We give a very high dose to a well-targeted tumor to protect healthy tissue, it’s equal to a 6- or 7-week treatment in conventional radiotherapy. It’s a quicker and easier treatment and we can protect a lot more healthy tissues than conventional radiotherapy. The tumors we perform stereotactic radiotherapy on, mostly are brain metastases, inoperable lung cancer. We perform stereotactic treatment in metastases of the adrenal glands, bone metastases, sometimes in pancreatic cancer or in prostate cancer. For example, for prostate cancer, normally, treatment takes about 8 weeks with conventional radiotherapy. The same treatment can be done for prostate cancer in 10 days with 5 fractions.

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