Brain metastases, sometimes because of lung cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, pancreas cancer, normally can be treated with surgery.

But for brain metastases, surgery is a method that we don’t prefer too often because it is a little hard. Therefore, it’s possible to perform stereotactic radiosurgery instead. Advantage is that we perform the treatment in one day. For example, you come on Monday, we make the plan, we perform the treatment on Tuesday and Tuesday evening you get on the plane and go home. Lung cancer, breast cancer, malignant melanoma or various tumors usually cause brain metastases. For brain metastases, surgery or stereotactic radiotherapy may be preferred. Of course, stereotactic radiotherapy is much easier than surgery.

For example, here you see a patient who has brain metastases, here you see two different metastases, a third, a fourth and a fifth. So, for this patient, there are five different metastases in the brain. With a Linear Accelerator, with Elekta Versa HD, the treatment is done in 1 day for 5 different metastases. Normally, surgery cannot be done for more than two metastases but here there are five different metastases. Treatment is done in one day and treatment lasts about 15 minutes. That is a great advantage. The targets are very small. You give a really important dose in 1 day. And that way you don’t touch the brain, you can protect the mental functions of the patient.

This is another patient with lung cancer which metastasized in the brain. As you see there are metastases in different locations. Important thing is, for this type of metastases we can give a very high dose. But we can’t give a very high radiation. Because there are critical organs around these metastases. What we do with Elekta Versa HD is ordering the machine to give a high dose here, and a little smaller here, you see the different colors. High dose for here, for here dose is a little lower. We perform the treatment for 4 different targets in 15 minutes within a day.

Doctors do not need to spend a lot of time to irradiate all metastases. We did an irradiation but all the tumors take different doses. This is the difference of stereotactic radiotherapy.

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