Why  Stereotactic Radiotherapy for Lung Cancer?

Lung cancer is a type of cancer that the treatment can be done rather with surgery. If the tumor is not small. Because in small cell lung cancer, the physcians prefer radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments at the same time.

In tumors which are not small cells, we rather prefer surgery. But we can prefer after surgery. Sometimes before surgery radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

The problem is that: Sometimes, there are lung cancers which are T1, T2 tumors that are not advanced and have not metastasized to the mediastinal region. For these tumors normally we perform surgery and get fine results.

But if the patient has cardiac problems, which is something that prevents the surgery, we need to perform a treatment that is equal to surgery.That is stereotactic radiotherapy.

When Stereotactic Radiotherapy for Lung Cancer is performed?

Normally, in lung cancer, if the tumor is small and does not have metastasis in the mediastinal region. It’s a T1, T2 Tumor. Normally these tumors are operable tumors. In reality treatment is surgery. But sometimes patients have heart problems. Sometimes there are other problems or if the patient does not prefer the surgery. In that case stereotactic radiotherapy, can be done in 3-5 days.

It depends on the location of the tumor. And in 3 days, you give a dose that is equivalent to 6-7 weeks. This is a really important dose for this method of radiotherapy. You have the results that are roughly equal to surgery. So now we have a way to treat patients who can’t go through the surgery with stereotactic radiotherapy. (In 3 or 5 days.)

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