What complaints do breast patients have most often? One of them is pain and the second one is breast stiffness.

Pain is not usually a symptom of breast cancer. However, it can be seen in advanced stages. Pain in the breast doesn’t mean you have cancer. Pain is probably due to its benign nature. Another reason is breast stiffness. These are benign structures, especially in young people (20-40 years old). The older the patient, the more likely it is to have breast cancer. Especially after the age of 40, every complaint should be considered as a sign of breast cancer. But no matter what complaint the patient comes with, ultrasound under the age of 40, mammography and ultrasound over the age of 40, MRI in special cases must be done.

It is wrong to send the patient home by relying only on palpation. Because nothing may be found in palpation, but the film may provide special findings, which is very important. It may lead to a going over. Regardless of the complaint of the patient, screening is a must in addition to the physical examination. The biopsy is performed if necessary, but physical examination and screening are two indispensable components that complement each other.

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