Hello, I’m dentist Özgür Yıldız. I want to tell you what bonding is, what it does.

Bonding is the process of filling the gaps between teeth and repair broken teeth by using filling materials. We fill the missing parts of the patient’s teeth with filling materials, but the most important thing is the knowledge of color. I would call it mastering the color of the fillings.

There are several ways to achieve this. The first is, of course, experience. By using these materials for many years, the dentist learns with experience what color will emerge as a result of their combination, where there will be opaqueness, where there will be transparency.The second method is to plan the tone and the location of the filling material to be used by making a preliminary study with photographs. After the filling materials are placed, the materials are polished and made to resemble natural dental tissues. For this, we try to achieve the most natural results by using various discs, polish and abrasive materials.

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