Our topic today is abdominoplasty, tummy tuck.

Tummy tuck procedure is performed in cases where the skin sags in the lower half of the abdomen or the skin sags with fatty tissue. It is performed as a mini tummy tuck or total tummy tuck. A mini tummy tuck can be performed if there is excess skin and a slight sagging in the lower abdomen so that there is no need to create a new belly button. The desired result can be achieved by removing the skin with only the fat tissue in the lower section, combining the upper and lower parts, and closing them in an aesthetic manner. In a total tummy tuck, excess tissue should be removed so as to create a new belly button, and the piece of tissue we call the upper flap should be separated from the lower part, up to the upper part of the abdomen, so that a sufficient amount remains for joining. If the adjustment is not done well, if more texture is removed than necessary, the process of joining becomes very difficult. In the following process, tissue malnutrition and consequently wound opening or large wounds may occur. If a good measurement is made, the tissues will come across comfortably and completely, and we can achieve a smooth and good result. Towards the end of the procedure, if the muscles need to be tightened, the abdomen can be thinned and narrowed by repairing the muscles with thick stiches called transfixation sutures. After ensuring the control of bleeding, it can be corrected by gradually stitching in accordance with its layers, from bottom to middle and to the top. It can be prevented that the suture is opened later and that problems occur in recovery. It is necessary to put a drain in order to discharge the leakage inside. So, the leakage and serum accumulated from the drains are thrown out. If it is necessary to make thinning towards the back and waist, it is possible to thin these areas by adding liposuction to the procedure and to have a better body image.

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