Hello, I’m Ahmet Altun, MD. Today I would like to give you information about vitrectomy and vitreoretinal surgery.

Vitrectomy is the name of the surgery performed behind the eye. There may be many reasons for this surgery. Intraocular bleeding – this may be due to diabetes or blood pressure – A tear in the vision membrane which is the retina or when a wound occurs in the retina for this, generally, a vitrectomy surgery is needed. Vitrectomy surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia. In advanced clinics, this operation usually takes about 30-40 minutes for experienced surgeons. In this operation, we clean the gel layer inside the eye. Then we get the chance to interfere with the visual membrane. Vitrectomy surgery can be performed after a process that requires high experience and serious training.  Therefore, only one percent of the eye surgeons can perform this surgery. We successfully applied it to 3500 in our own clinic. The patient does not feel any pain during this surgery. And at the same time, local anesthesia is a great advantage During vitrectomy surgery, we sometimes put a tampon in the eye, especially in people with membrane tear. So, we put gas or silicon. The aim here is to support the visual membrane in the eye and prevent the structures from separating from each other. During vitrectomy surgery, laser application is also applied to the patient if necessary. It is a complicated surgery, a delicate surgery, and the advantage of getting the operation in reliable places is very important.

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