Hello, I’m Mehmet Altuğ Tunçer, MD. I am a cardiovascular surgeon. The number one cause of human deaths is still cardiovascular diseases and heart attack is the most common of these diseases.

What is a heart attack? It is the death of the heart tissue due to the fact that a certain part of the heart is without oxygen and bloodless as a result of calcification of the heart vessels and obstruction of the heart vessels called atherosclerosis. In diagnosing these diseases, our priority is to have the patient have check-ups regularly after the age of 40. In order to prevent and differentiate, they especially need to go through a cardiac check-up.

What is a cardiac check-up? Going to a cardiologist or cardiovascular surgeon, having routine cardiac checks, having an echo, having a Stress Test ECG, finally making a diagnosis by having angiography, and perhaps providing a healthier prolongation of the patient’s life with a cardiac stent or cardiac operation.

In particular, we recommend that those who have complaints in the family, those with chest pain, severe shortness of breath, shortening of walking distance or signs of fatigue should definitely come to a doctor and have these cardiac examinations.

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