Hello, I’m Hakan Cıncık, MD. I am an ear, nose, throat, head and neck surgery specialist.

Today, I will tell you about larynx cancer, which is one of the head and neck cancers. Head and neck cancers constitute 5-7 percent of all body cancers. Larynx cancer also accounts for a quarter of this statistic.

Larynx cancer means cancer of the vocal cord. While the most common causes are cigarette and alcohol consumption, in recent years, human papillomavirus (HPV), reflux, and the radiation effect of radiotherapy have also been included in the causes. While it is frequently seen in men who smoke, nowadays it is also seen in women due to the increase in smoking. While the most common age for larynx cancer occurrence is 50-70 years, with the effect created by HPV and the spread of reflux among people, it has started to be seen at earlier ages.

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