Hello, I’m Dr. Abdulcabbar Kartal. My main field is endoscopic and laparoscopic obesity treatment, bariatric surgery. Today, I want to talk to you about what obesity is and the type of treatment.

As you know, obesity can be defined as taking more calories than a person can burn, excessive lipoidosis, and its negative effects on life functions. The WHO has defined this more clearly, and they found a value by using the height and weight of the human body. We call this value the body mass index. We call those with a body mass index of 19 and below thin, those between 20-25 as normal weight, and patients with a value between 25-30 as overweight. Those between 30-35 are classified as stage 1 obesity, between 35-40 as stage 2 obesity, and over 40 as stage 3, that is, morbid obesity. We call those with a body mass index over 50 super morbidly obese. These definitions are very important because the treatments may vary according to the body mass index.

We do endoscopic treatment for some, surgical treatment for some, we recommend diet and sports to others. We call all surgical techniques we apply to help fat individuals who cannot lose weight by dieting and sports on their own, Bariatric Surgery.

Generally, surgical methods are required for those with a body mass index of 35 and above and those with additional disease or over 40 BMI even if they do not have an additional disease. We can help patients who do not need surgery but still cannot lose weight with endoscopic methods. Surgical methods include tube stomach and bypass methods, and non-surgical methods for gastric injection or intragastric balloon applications.

Whatever method we use, patients have to go on a diet, exercise so the weight loss is permanent. If their lifestyles do not change, no matter what method we use, a certain amount of weight gain is possible. That’s why lifestyle change is essential in both methods.

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