Drug addiction

Drug addiction is a chronic brain disorder characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use despite harmful consequences, often requiring medical intervention and behavioral therapy for treatment and recovery.

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    It would be best if you had all the means to lead your life with purpose and clarity. If addiction to alcohol or drugs took these from you, we can help you take your life back. Experienced professionals will monitor your progress and provide the latest treatments. They will provide guidance for achieving a productive and healthy life through drug addiction treatment.

    With drug addiction treatment, Istanbul Med Assist helps you achieve a productive and healthy life.

    Conducting a thorough assessment of drug addiction service is essential, as each patient requires an individualised approach. Doctors carefully design addiction treatment plans tailored to your specific needs. Your age, the type of drug that you use, and your medical history are the main factors for drug addiction service planning. When planning your treatment, doctors consider any previous health issues you may have had. This ensures that you can return to your life without experiencing any major medical problems and enjoy spending time with your loved ones without feelings of depression or hopelessness.

    Additionally, in some cases, treatment can be dangerous. However, the right therapy and proper medical care won't threaten your health. That’s why specialists will be with you through the whole process. They will apply the appropriate treatment whenever it’s necessary.

    Moreover, you can avoid stress, people, and other triggers in peaceful facilities. You will be free from the situations that create addictive behaviour. Doctors are committed to finding and applying the proper drug addiction service and care for patients. Finally, you will be free of addiction and live your life with a clear mind.

    As Istanbul Med Assist, we provide the following;

    • Physical and medical examination
    • Psychological need and risk assessment
    • Laboratory tests
    • Individually tailored treatment planning
    • Medical treatment for detox
    • Personal psychiatric counseling (twice a day)
    • Council visit by the addiction department director (twice a week)
    • Group counseling (three times a week)
    • Family counseling (weekly)
    • Relaxation exercises (every night)
    • Ergotherapy programs
    • Art Therapy
    • Rhythm Workshop
    • Botanics
    • Working with five senses
    • Skill training and cognitive training
    • Group gaming
    • Storytelling
    • Implants and depot injections

    Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Center

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    Istanbul Med Assist is a member of MeritGrup company.