Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that aims to adjust the size of the labia minora. This procedure is otherwise known as “vulval surgery.” Generally, the surrounding of the vagina opening contains folds of fleshy skin.

The folds consist of the Labia majora (large lips). It is the large fold on the external genitalia with the pubic hair. Also, the Labia minora (small lips) ─ the inner fold that protects your urethra and vagina.

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Why Would You Need Labiaplasty?

There are many reasons why people go for this surgery. But, we can categorize a few reasons in the following;

Medical Reason

Here, you have too much tissue in your labia minora. This can lead to physical discomfort. It can also lead to irritation during sexual intercourse and other physical activities. Labiaplasty will help to correct this and restore sexual pleasure and comfort.

For Gender Affirmation

Transgender and bi-sexual individuals may decide to go for Labiaplasty. They do so to create their labia.

Cosmetic Reasons

Aging and childbirth may affect the appearance of your private part area. Undergoing Labiaplasty will help restore your youthful look. It will also create an even shape of the labia minora and labia majora. But, the decision to go for this surgical procedure is personal. To restore your “fine mummy look,” you may want to try this procedure.

Advantages of Labiaplasty

Now that you know what this procedure is, let’s take a quick look at the notable benefits it promises;

Helps to boost confidence and self-esteem

Some women with too much labia skin may have low self-esteem. They may feel left out of the “fine cliques.” Often, they find it embarrassing to wear a bikini. They avoid other tight clothing materials in open spaces such as beaches. Often, they don’t feel comfortable with their appearance “beneath.” But Labiaplasty can take this self-consciousness away, thereby increasing your confidence.

Helps to improve hygiene

Having too much tissue in your labia can encourage bacteria growth. Thus, infections may not be far from you. The surgical procedure can help reduce the risk of infection. You can also avoid urinary tract infections and related health conditions.

Brings about comfort in clothing

Large labia may also hinder your choice of clothing. Often, you may worry about visible lines of your labia in your clothes. Undergoing Labiaplasty will help take care of this.

Boost sexual confidence and improve sexual pleasure

Women with too many vaginal lips may experience discomfort during sexual intercourse. Labiaplasty will help fix this.

During and after this procedure

Generally, this procedure is an outpatient procedure. It can take less than two hours, depending on your surgeon. However, the time spent on people who want gender-affirming is different.

Also, you will need a follow-up visit to your doctor so they can guide you and be aware of your healing status. They will also tell you to avoid sex and use tampons for four to six weeks.

Finally, recovery for everyone differs as we heal differently. However, complete healing from this surgical procedure may take 6 weeks to 6 months or less.

Possible side effects of labiaplasty

As with other cosmetic genital surgeries, labioplasty can also lead to the following results;

  • Reduced genital sensitivity
  • Bleeding
  • Swelling at the incision site
  • Risk of infection at incision site if not properly cleaned, etc.

When can I return to work and do other activities?

Generally, this may depend on your job. Avoid doing strenuous exercises. It may put pressure on the healing wound.

You have to stay away from the following as well;

  • Heavy physical activities
  • Sexual intercourse

Stay away from all of this until your doctor says otherwise.

What is the price range for this procedure?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), this surgical procedure costs between $2,800 and $3,100. But, some more expenses may add to this. Please keep in mind that the price may differ in various regions across the globe. This depends on location, health care provider, and possible side effects.

How common is it?

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) reports that around 10,000 labiaplasties are carried out annually.

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