Hello, I’m Kemal Aytuğlu, MD. Our topic today is BBL, the process of enlarging the butt, which we call Brazilian Butt Lift.

BBL is to achieve the desired result by enlarging if there is a flattening of the butt or if the butt does not have the desired size, strength, or height. This is done with 2 methods today.

First, gluteal implants, which we call butt prostheses, are used to achieve the desired result with prostheses placed intramuscularly, under the muscle, or on the muscle. When the implant is placed under the muscle, the butt rises a little more. When put into the muscle, the intermuscular prosthesis stands in the middle. When placed under the skin, that is, on the muscle, the butt stands lower. In other words, it is possible to place the gluteal implant according to how we want the butt to stand. It is very important to control bleeding well while placing the prosthesis. While doing this, entering from the middle separation point called intergluteal crease, placing the prosthesis by creating pockets on both sides, and ensuring that any leaks that may occur inside are removed by placing drain is effective in getting better results in the healing process.

Another method is fat transfer. If the patient has enough weight, if we want to achieve both thinning of the body and growth of the butt, it is possible to obtain Brazilian Butt with fat transfer. By storing the collected fat in a sterile container, after filtering, centrifugation, it is possible to maintain a dense consistency which free of serum and reduce the absorption potential, extending preservation, and less loss of the transferred fat. Generally, the fat we put in can be absorbed around 35-40%. Some patients want mass towards the hip side, then the fat removed is given to the hip side for the desired feminine line. Or, when some patient wants it to grow to the back, fat gets transferred to the weak areas.

According to the standing size and drawing – the plan changes completely when we lie down – after filtering, we can get the desired shape of the remaining fat to these areas.

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