Living-Donor Kidney Transplant: A Path to a Healthier Life

Overview – In a living-donor kidney transplant, your surgeon places a healthy kidney from a living donor in your body. Only one healthy kidney can take over the function of two failing kidneys. Therefore, a kidney from a live donor may be the path to a healthy life.

Anyone can be healthy with one kidney. After all, donors do not experience any health problems related to kidney transplants. Your donor may be a family member, relative, or friend. For a successful kidney transplant, genetic similarity is no longer necessary.

In Turkey, kidney transplantation is offered for chronic kidney failure
The commercial trade in human organs is prohibited by law in Turkey

Requirements to be a living donor

Kidney donors must be in good health, both physically and mentally. Also, if you want to be a living donor, you must be over 18 years old, and your kidneys must function normally.

Health problems that may prevent you from becoming a donor:

  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • HIV
  • Hepatitis
  • Acute infection

Also, you can not be a donor if you have a mental illness.

Types of Living donor Kidney Transplant

There are two types of living donor kidney transplants;

Directed Donation

It is the most common type of living donor kidney transplant. In this case, the donor donates the healthy kidney to a specific person. Also, this usually takes place among family members. Genetically similar family members are more likely to be living donors. Additionally, directed donations also occur between friends, spouses, or co-workers.

The transplant team will evaluate you and your donor to determine if the kidney is compatible. After all, your blood and tissues must be compatible with your donor.

Also, in some cases where the donor is incompatible, the transplant may still be possible. Your doctor will desensitize your immune system with additional treatment before and after the transplant. This lowers your body's risk of rejecting the kidney.

Domino Kidney Transplant

Sometimes, living donors may have tissue or blood incompatibility with the recipient. However, the domino kidney transplant may be the solution to this problem.

If your living donor is incompatible with you, they donate the kidney to another recipient. Then, you take a kidney from that recipient's donor.

The goal of a domino kidney transplant is to provide more opportunities for patients struggling with kidney disease. Thus, two incompatible recipients will have a healthier and more suitable kidney.

Success Rates of Living Donors

A kidney transplant from a living donor is the most effective method to obtain a healthy kidney. Transplant success rates are very high worldwide. As Istanbul Med Assist, we perform this procedure in our clinics with a 95% success rate.

Living-donor kidney transplant in Turkey

Kidney transplant for foreign patients in Turkey is performed only with living donors. Your donor may be a family member to the 4th degree. Also, a friend, spouse, or co-worker may be a donor. Additionally, you can take advantage of our domino kidney transplant opportunities.


Once your doctor has determined that you are compatible with your living donor, the date of kidney transplant surgery will be scheduled. Your transplant surgery and your donor's surgery take place on the same day. You can continue your life without the restrictions and difficulties of dialysis.

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